I was born in 1992 and raised on de Paardenmaat. Under the loving guidance of my parents I grew up with and between horses. The core philosophy of de Paardenmaat was a big part of my upbringing. I learned early in life that when something with the horse didn’t succeed, it was never the horses fault.

I am thankful that my parents gave me the opportunity to build meaningfull relationships with the ponies of de Paardenmaat. With them I spent countless hours.

From my tenth age onward I had Centered Riding lessons and was often a student rider in clinics. Also there I learned the three rules: “work on you, work on you and work on you”. Even though the lessons were very valuable, I struggled with the development of my horses. I did progress, but not enough to entertain a teenage brain. So my attention shifted to endless hacks outside with my racepony Banoe.

My father had already tried to persuade me to join a Bent Branderup clinic as a theory participant, but sitting still and listening all day wasn’t my strong suit back then. When Ylvie Fros offered a basic practical course into the academic art of riding a couple years later I joined, there at least I could do something. That is more than twelve years ago and I cannot image my life without the academic art of riding.

Step by step I started to understand why we train horses in dressage and every question I could come up with had a logical, satisfying answer. The more I learned, the more interesting it got! I learned to feel and experiment and the centaur feeling came ever closer. That development never stopped. Every day I learn new things that bring me closer to the art: two souls that want to do what to bodies can.

2021 – Bended haunches test (previously the piaffe test)

2018 onward – Licensed Bent Branderup Trainer®

2014 – Groundwerk/lungeing test and Squire test

2011 – Centered Riding Instructor Course (updated 2013 – not an active instructor at the moment)

I have lessons regularly with Bent Branderup, Hanna Engstrom and Christofer Dahlgren.

Because the world is too big and too fun to do only one thing I also work as an organizational consultant for Pentascope.