Eef Nibbelink

I was born in 1992 and raised on the Paardenmaat. Under the loving guidance of my parents I grew up with and between horses. The core philosophy of de Paardenmaat was a big part of my upbringing. I learned early in life that when something with the horse didn’t succeed, it was never the horses fault.

I am thankful that my parents gave me the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with the ponies of de Paardenmaat. With them I spent countless hours.

Since I was ten I participated regularly in Centered Riding lessons and clinics. Also there I learned the three rules: “work on you, work on you and work on you”. Even though the lessons were very valuable, I struggled with the development of my horses. I did progress, but I did not really understand what I was doing, so my attention shifted to endless hacks outside with my pony Banoe.

My father had already tried to persuade me to join a Bent Branderup clinic as a theory participant, but sitting still and listening all day wasn’t my strong suit back then. When I was sixteen I joined a basic course academic art of riding by Ylvie Fros. That is more than fourteen years ago and now I cannot image my life without the academic art of riding.

Step by step I started to understand why we train horses in dressage and every question I could come up with had a logical, satisfying answer. The more I learned, the more interesting it got! I learned to feel and experiment and the centaur feeling came ever closer. That development never stopped. Every day I learn new things that bring me closer to the art: two souls that want to do what to bodies can.

In 2014 I joined the Knighthood of Academic Art of Riding and since 2018 I am allowed to call myself licensed Bent Branderup trainer® . I take lessons regularly with Bent Branderup and other academic trainers, like Hanna Engstrom, Katrine Buur en Christofer Dahlgren.



Bending of the haunches test with Zaïra

2018 onward

Licensed Bent Branderup Trainer®


Update Squiretest with Solon


Groundwerk/longetest and Squire test with Andor


Centered Riding instructor course (not an active member at the moment)

Because the world is too big and too fun to do only one thing I also work as an organizational consultant for Pentascope.